Christie R. and John V. of Play’n Stash, Inc.

My husband and I had an invention, and that was about it when we found the KRDG firm. They were fabulous from the very first meeting. They took the time to listen to our idea and really understand what we were trying to do, which was not easy with the napkin drawings that we brought.

From that day, our attorney has felt like a member of our family, guiding us through the steps to getting our patent and trademarks beautifully completed. He was on top of every deadline – kindly reminding us when we were getting dangerous close to missing one.

The KRDG team is always incredibly quick to respond to questions. They even check in to be sure that we are taken care of when we go too long without letting them know where our product is at in the creation process. I hope that anyone trying to get started with a business or working on moving an existing company forward is lucky enough to have KRDG as a part of their team!