Whether you have an existing patent portfolio or you’re looking at how to build one, we can help you with strategic guidance, highly skilled patent preparation and prosecution, and expert litigation and enforcement advice.

Through our extensive network of colleagues and agents in non-US countries, we also work on your behalf to obtain patent coverage in foreign countries.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Patents for Your Business.

Once your company has obtained patent rights, our experienced litigation team can assist with enforcing your rights against infringers. And whether you’re dealing with a legitimate dispute or a potential patent troll, we can also help you defend your company against claims of patent infringement.

Because we work as a team that includes both patent preparation and patent litigation services under one roof, our patenting strategy and processes are built to be mindful of litigation-based principles. This results in a stronger, more durable portfolio, in line with your business goals.

If you’re a non-US law firm, we perform an extensive array of patent-related agent work on behalf of patent firms based in other countries. Our efficient, transparent, and thorough approach to US prosecution is second to none.

Patent-related services include:

  • Patent Preparation and Filing (Provisional, Nonprovisional, Utility, Design)
  • National Phase (§ 371) Patent Applications in the US
  • Patent Prosecution Before the USPTO
  • Patent Assignment and Licensing
  • International Patenting
    • Paris Convention Filings
    • Direct-Filing in Non-US Countries
    • PCT Applications
  • Portfolio Management
  • Freedom-to-operate Analysis and Formal Legal Opinions
  • Patent Litigation
  • Tactical and Strategic Guidance in Patent Matters
  • Local Agent Work on Behalf of Firms and Clients Outside the United States


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